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Healthy Articles

  • 10,000 Steps a Day!
    During the summer, my gorgeous "15 years younger" Brazilian friend brought me out to the beach (we live in Santa Monica, CA) and she proceeded to torture me by insisting that I walk a mile and half through the soft sand. Mind you, I have a great diet but I HATE to exercise! And you can just imagine how unhappy my 56 year old body was when I discovered how difficult it is to walk all that way. I felt like I was in quick sand! And to tell you the truth, if I had been out there by myself, I would have walked from one Lifeguard station to the next and then I would have said, "Forget this”!
  • Trying to Lose Weight? Avoid 6 Things
    One month after the New Year finds many of us falling short with our New Year’s resolution to lose those extra holiday pounds. We all have the best intentions and then we find ourselves reaching for that extra helping of food. We overeat, we sneak treats when we can and then we hate ourselves when we get on that scale at the end of the week. Is it just lack discipline or is there something more to consider? When we are desperate to lose weight, it is easy to fall into habits that make our situation more challenging. Here is a list of "DON'TS" that you want to avoid.
  • New Year....New YOU!
    Today, I was talking to a middle-aged friend of mine who just had a mild heart attack. She was very lucky, because as she was having the heart attack in her doctor's office, the ER was less than 5 minutes away. After an angioplasty and a few days in the hospital, she was released with prescription meds and an edict from her doctor saying that she MUST lose 50 pounds. Needless to say, easier said than done!

Healthy Recipes

  • Healthy Cranberry Sauce
    Cranberries have many health benefits. They contain more antioxidants than broccoli and can help protect against heart disease, cancer and stroke. They may also help lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and have been shown to stop E. coli bacteria from adhering to the walls of the urinary tract. And because most urinary tract infections can be caused from E. coli, this is an inexpensive and delicious idea to help prevent urinary tract infection. Now, you can enjoy your holiday cranberry sauce, while supporting your body at the same time!
  • Kristin's Breakfast Salad
    I know this sounds absolutely wierd. But after my friends tasted my breakfast salad, they begged me for the recipe. I have to confess that I am totally addicted and I can't wait to eat it in the morning. Give this recipe a try.
  • Raw "Cappucino" breakfast drink

    I can't count the times that I have begged people to stop drinking coffee and cappuccino. And now this recipe can replace their coffee habit with a healthy alternative. And yes, this recipe definitely gives a good pick me up in the morning. Cacao powder can stimulate the brain resulting in more clarity and focus. Maca powder can increase libido, boost energy, support hormone levels during menopause and control stress. Now, are you getting all those benefits from coffee? No way!

Healhty Tips

  • Beet Roots and Beet Greens
    Beet greens contain vitamins A and C as well as an abundance of chlorophyll. They have a very high mineral content and are rich in potassium and calcium. Beets contain fiber and vitamin K and C. Beets also contain betaine which can help to protect the liver, bile ducts and stimulate the healthy functioning of liver cells. To increase the cleansing of your liver and gallbladder, grate a small amount of raw beets and raw carrots (1/4 cup of each) and cover with a small amount of cold-pressed olive oil and lemon juice. Eat once a day.
  • Parsnips
    Like carrots, celery and parsley, parsnips are a member of the Umbelliferae family. The parsnip originated from the Mediterrananian area. In the Middle Ages, they were revered because of their sweet flavor and high fiber content. Parsnips were very popular in Europe until it got upstaged by the potato. However, the colonials paired it with salted fish to feed many starving Pilgrims. They also used parsnips in pancake batter and puddings. Health Benefits:
  • Cauliflower
    Many times, an ignored vegetable, CAULIFLOWER developed from the wild cabbage and it is thought to have originated from Asia. Today, California produces approximately 80% of the U.S crop. But it can't be denied that cauliflower is also a power-packed nutritional wonder!

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"I have known Timothy for over 20 years. In his chosen profession no one has more knowledge on the subject of internal health than Dr. Timothy Brantley. He IS the real deal!"

- Sylvester Stallone: Actor, Writer, Producer, Director: "Rocky Balboa", "Rocky 1-4", "First Blood","Rambo 1-4", "Cop Land"

"Timothy Brantley offers hope in cases where there is none. I know from experience that his work saves lives. I have no greater praise."

- Kelsey Grammer: Actor, Producer, Director: "X-Men: The Last Stand", "Fraser", "Cheers"
"In my mid-twenties I was suffering from severe hypoglycemia. Dr. Brantley treated my condition and educated me about diet and detoxification of the body. I have faithfully taken his herbal formulas and followed his principles for the last ten years, which is why I have the health and wellbeing that I have. I am eternally thankful to Dr. Brantley. He transformed my life."
- Kelly Rowan: Actress, Producer: Currently from "The OC"

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