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Dr. Brantley Author The Cure Heal Your Body Save Your Life Prevent & Reverse Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease & Obesity

The Cure: Heal Your Body, Save Your Life
by Timothy Brantley

How we went from overweight and exhausted to trim, healthy and energized

"I've been asked the following question countless times during my years of practice, What's really killing us? The simple answer is CANCER, HEART DISEASE, DIABETES AND OBESITY. But that's not the question. The real question to me was what CAUSES these diseases and could I STOP them from killing my patients. I spent many years in clinical practice working with thousands of patients to discover the answers to these exact questions. That's why I was compelled to write my book, "The Cure" ...so that each and every one of you could learn the secrets to take control of your body and heal yourselves naturally. REMEMBER: WE ARE THE CAUSE AND WE ARE THE CURE!

Dr. Timothy Brantley



The name, "The Cure", is short for "You are the Cure!" I believe that every man, women and child is born with the innate, God given ability to heal themselves. But they lack the knowledge to unlock their healing power within!

As a teenager, I lost both of my parents to disease; my mom to cancer and my dad to heart disease. At the same time, my brother, Doug, and I were fighting for our young lives due to toxic exposure to Dursban, Chlordane, Malathione and DDT; chemicals that we literally soaked in for years due to my father's weekend pesticide business. Needless to say, after being told that we suffered from incurable diseases, survival mode kicked in; I had no choice but to find my own cure!

Eventually, I discovered the secrets to cure the incurable; Doug and I were disease free; and during the following two decades of private clinical practice, I helped literally thousands of patients heal themselves of practically every disease known to man.

Within each and every page of my book, "The CURE", lays the keys to unlocking the mystery of disease; you will NEVER walk in fear again. Armed with knowledge, you will recapture your birthright: a lifetime of vibrant health!"

"THE CURE" BOOK: (Inside Jacket Cover)

In this remarkable book, Dr. Timothy Brantley writes that most health problems are not caused by genetics or germs but by the standard American diet. Rather than eat foods the way they were created, we pollute our bodies with refined, packaged products. When we feel ill, we take drugs to temporarily mask the symptoms. Now Dr. Brantley wants to change how you view, manage and how you can revitalize your health. Drawing on Brantley's groundbreaking research and his years of working with nutritional healing, The Cure contains a revolutionary program that can flush toxins out of the body, restore balance, promote natural healing, and increase vitality. Dr. Brantley's program has already helped many seriously ill patients, including several well-known celebrities.

After his mother, father, and young cousin died tragic deaths at early ages from terminal illnesses, Timothy Brantley embarked on a quest for answers to the mystery of why they died so young. Dr. Brantley has dedicated his life to understanding the role our diets and lifestyles play in our health. The Cure lays out Brantley's findings about why sickness happens, shows how disease can be reversed, and most importantly, explains how to prevent ill health in the first place. In The Cure, Dr. Brantley shares his revolutionary step-by-step program, which features a diet of raw or lightly cooked organic foods as well as exercise, rest, fasts, water, whole food supplements, and herbal formulas. Sharing life-affirming case stories of people who diligently followed Dr. Brantley's program, you'll discover how:

  • Carlos lost forty pounds and no longer suffered from debilitating headaches
  • Todd, who suffered from lifelong asthma, was able to throw away his inhalers
  • Sonya beat cervical cancer within four months
  • Howie, president of a large record company, overcame prostate cancer
Your body wants to heal. Enjoy the optimal health you were born to enjoy. Read The Cure and find out how.

On behalf of your body, we thank you for finishing the book. But as far as what to do next, it is very straightforward. In fact, everything that you need to know is written in the body of THE CURE. Dr. Brantley's suggestions are simple and easy to follow. If you follow his 12 week plan, we can guarantee in the months to come that your body will change dramatically. If you are suffering from any kind of uncomfortable symptoms or have been diagnosed with a chronic or serious illness, you need to make a commitment to change your eating patterns. This is absolutely necessary! There is just no way to get around it. Carlos, Kathy, Todd, Louie, Sonya, Madeline, Kelly, Carol, Howie, Tony and Dr. Brantley all had to make dramatic changes in their lifestyle! Your symptoms or disease is a result of a lifetime of poor food choices! So make the changes now and your body will reward you.


After reading Dr. Brantley's book, you are obviously interested in improving your health. And of course, one of the most important steps is to change your diet. But for many of us, that is easier said than done. Many of us have made many attempts, only to fall short as we find a big box of French fries in our hands! Or, we have gone on so many kinds of "diets" and they just didn't work! Dr. Brantley appreciates that it is very difficult to change a lifetime of poor eating habits all at once. That is why he suggests that you start slowly. Here are some suggestions that may inspire change.


If you drink coffee or decaffeinated coffee, start by cutting down the amount you drink during the day. For example, if you drink 3 cups of coffee daily, take the next few weeks and slowly cut it down to 2 cups daily, and then 1 cup daily, then ½ a cup daily until you are not drinking coffee at all. As a reminder, coffee seriously dehydrates your cells, acidifies your system and compromises your adrenal glands. As you are cutting down on your coffee intake, you should make sure that you are drinking a compensatory amount of water to make up for the dehydrating effects of the cups of coffee consumed. Do not be fooled into thinking that "decaffeinated coffee" is free of caffeine. That is just not true. It is best to cut out any kind of coffee as soon as you can. For a substitute, you can try organic Green Tea which contains small amounts of caffeine, but has many health benefits. There are also herbal coffee substitutes that you can find in your local health food store.


If you drink soda or diet soda, this is the perfect opportunity to slowly cut soda/diet soda out of your diet. Again, if you drink 5 cans of soda/diet soda per day, cut it down to 4 cans of soda/diet soda per day, until you have slowly eliminated it altogether. Many people have reported to Dr. Brantley that this change alone made a huge difference in their health. Also, aspartame and splenda, (the artificial sweeteners that may be in your diet sodas) can be addictive and dangerous to your health. If you crave a refreshing sweet drink that is good for you, try making yourself an organic lemonade with fresh squeezed organic lemon juice, and a few drops of stevia natural sweetener.


Throw out your iodized table salt. Replace with a natural, unrefined sea salt from your local health food store or via the internet.


There may be other "food offenders" like chocolate, fried foods, etc. that you may want to eliminate immediately. And once you have successfully eliminated that food from your diet, it may be easier to improve your overall diet, ONE MEAL AT A TIME. Here are some suggestions that may prove helpful:

Fill your refrigerator with organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains like brown rice, millet, quinoa or amaranth and legumes. For those who are not vegetarians, you can also add organic meat and fresh fish (not farm raised). Please refer to pages 161 and 164 for a SHOPPING GUIDE for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Follow the exact hydration instructions in Chapter 13: What to Drink and When on pages 143-148. Most people think that they are drinking enough water and yet most people are dehydrated! It is very important that you drink water that will hydrate your body. Try Fiji, Iceland, Hawaiian, Essentia or Crystal Geyser natural spring water. These waters are usually available in your health food or grocery stores. Re-hydration is a process and it needs to done slowly and carefully. Flooding your system with too much water all at once is very dangerous.

As Dr. Brantley advised in THE CURE; take 1-2 weeks to change your eating patterns for each meal. Don't move on to the next meal until you have successfully changed your eating habits for the previous meal. It is vitally important to follow all of Dr. Brantley's suggestions about what to eat and how to prepare your food. Refer to pages 155-157, 158, 160, 163-164, 166-167 for Dr. Brantley's RECIPE suggestions.

You may want to go through your food pantry, cupboards and refrigerator, and throw out the junk! Get rid of anything in a box, package, can or bag. Only keep canned goods in case of a disaster. But all other processed nonfoods eventually need to go!

A lifetime of poor eating habits compromises our ability to properly break down our food. Take ACTIVE ENZYMES PLUS with each and every meal, unless you are eating something like a single piece of fruit. In other words, if you eat or drink anything cooked or out of a can, bottle, bag or box, and it didn't fall from a tree or grow from the ground, you need to take Dr. Brantley's enzymes.

Dr. Brantley's ROAD MAP TO BALANCE will keep you busy for many weeks. But please be patient. If it takes longer to change your eating patterns for a particular meal, or you keep slipping backwards, don't beat yourself up. Just get right back on your healthy eating regime, and soon you will be experiencing positive changes in your health.

After putting in the time and effort to change your eating and drinking patterns, it is now time to start the process of "taking out the garbage"! If you have never cleansed your body before, you have a serious illness, or you feel that your body is carrying around a lot of toxins, it is best to start slowly. Dr. Brantley has 2 herbal detoxifiers that are available for purchase: THE ELIMINATOR™ and RESCUE ME™. You can order them via our website. THE ELIMINATOR™ is to be used whenever you suffer from constipation. Constipation is defined as LESS THAN 2-3 BOWEL MOVEMEMTS PER DAY. So if you fit into that category, as most of us do, you can take THE ELIMINATOR™ on a regular basis until your bowel movements are regular. RESCUE ME™ should be taken at night before bed any time that you have eaten something that you know is bad for your body, such as beer, pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, sodas and diet sodas, cake, candy, any and all fast foods, etc. RESCUE ME™ contains herbs that can purge the food toxins from your body the next day. That is why Dr. Brantley named it "911 Damage Control". After your bowels are moving regularly, and you are using RESCUE ME™ when you are eating anything that is less than healthy, you may want to try a WEEKEND DETOX.

If you are suffering from uncomfortable symptoms or have been diagnosed with a serious disease, please be patient. It took years for your body to degenerate, and it will take some serious time and effort on your part, to reverse this degeneration. So the decision is up to you. Follow my ROADMAP BACK TO BALANCE and take one step at a time. Invest in yourself, give it your all and know that YOU ARE THE CURE!
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